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Roccoco Eruption Emulsion

Roccoco Eruption Emulsion


The ultimate multi-function acne moisturiser remastered to do so much more!


Remastered to reduce pore size and clarify skin like never before, this powerful treatment moisturiser hacks the cellular communication of bacteria reducing the appearance of breakouts by up to 78% within 2 months. Pore size is reduced by up to 90% within 3 months for a flawless complexion.


Infused with the world’s first natural Retinaldehyde, Eruption Emulsion is powered to banish breakouts, abolish acne, balance the microbiome, and rapidly replenish ceramides and hydration to reveal your smoothest, calmest, and clearest complexion. The blend of anti-bacterial and herbal ingredients assists with barrier repair, reduction of impurities and aids in healing whilst strengthening the skin’s immunity. Acne Safe.


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