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My Story

I completed my Diploma in Beauty Therapy in 2005 and have been fully immersed in the beauty industry ever since.  Over this period of time I have worked in numerous jobs & roles.  Working my way up from a waxing bar in the Gold Coast to managing clinics in Tauranga and at the Chateau through to tutoring at Waiariki Institute of Technology.  I have run my own clinic in and around some of those jobs for the past 10 years and during this time evolved ALOT.

Having completed countless post graduate courses and working with many different brands and skin care ranges, I can finally say that I have found my "happy place".   It was at a skin disorder training held by the “skin guru” Janine Tait that I unlocked my true passion.  I realised that skin disorders and internal health was where I wanted to specialise, and more importantly where I needed to head to get true skin transformations, from there I hit the ground running.  Fast forward to now, where I pride myself on offering a holistic approach to skin care with the key component being the observation and incorporation of the entire person including nutrition, lifestyle and topical skincare.  It’s becoming more and more common knowledge that having a healthy gut means you will have a healthy skin.   

I am extremely passionate about skin and have a wealth of information that I would love to share with you all.  With that I am continuously updating and educating myself on all relevant and available research and advancements within this area.  If you are seeking help with your skin and want to make a change then come and see me, I look forward to joining you on your skin transformation journey.