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Roccoco Clarifying C Serum

Roccoco Clarifying C Serum


Unclog pores, smooth skin, and elevate your natural glow like never before with our new and improved Clarifying C Serum.


Containing a potent blend of synergistic ceramides that repair the barrier whilst reducing inflammation in the skin, this ultra-brightening serum miraculously extinguishes inflammation in the skin to reveal a more refined and mattified appearance. Containing a stable form of Vitamin C, the only Vitamin C an oily skin will ever need, to brighten and even out the look of discolouration on the skin, this luxurious serum is packed with powers to inhibit testosterone in the skin by up to 100%, reduce congestion by up to 75% within 2 months and encourage wound healing and scar revision.  Acne safe.

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