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Roccoco At-Home Facial Collection Kit - Renewal

Roccoco At-Home Facial Collection Kit - Renewal


Renewal At Home Facial Kit contains: Ruby Crystal Cleanser, Berry Biptic Enzyme, Coffee and Cream Mask, Overnight Recovery Mask, LIMITED EDITION Roccoco Branded Headband and LIMITED EDITION Roccoco Bamboo Mask Brush and, Spatula, Spoon and Bowl.


Winner of the Alle Awards, our award-winning Ruby Crystal Cleansing Balm is a luxurious aromatic gem-infused cleanser that replenishes vital essential fatty acids and accelerates skin repair, reducing the appearance of inflammation and discolouration in the skin. Skin is instantly calmed and visibly refreshed. Enriched with passionfruit seed oil and oat oil for the ultimate in calming and healing. This 7 in 1 luxe balm reduces inflammation and prevents more breakouts.


Berry Enzyme – Discover the ultimate skin softness and hydration with this powdered enzyme that turns to mousse with the addition of water. Containing 2 biological enzymes that rapidly smooth the surface of the skin, brightening the appearance. Rich in natural beta-carotene from sweet potato. This gentle enzyme inhibits the appearance of downy hair on the face.


Instantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 50% within 15 minutes with Coffee and Cream Mask. Upcycled coffee accelerates wound repair and healing of the skin. Volumises the skin contours and smooths the surface of the skin. Decreases advanced glycation end products by up to 78%. Increases microcirculation fighting dullness and increasing luminosity. Naturally increases glutathione in the skin, decreasing roughness. Brazilian clay detoxifies the skin mitigating the effects of pollution.


Overnight Recovery Mask is the microbiome hacking mask that rapidly reduces irritation and restores the microbiome back to pre-mask wearing. This gentle gel crème mask rapidly repairs the skin barrier restoring hydration and decreasing sensitivity. This sleeping mask resets the circadian rhythm of the skin, quickly restoring balance to the most disrupted skin. Containing upcycled betaine from Sugar Beets. Indigo promotes a luminous glow and decreases skin sensitivity.

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