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Janesce Facials

Janesce facials provide an intensive boost for your skin using powerful, organic plant extracts.

Janesce facials are anti-aging, hydrating & nourishing for all skin types.

They are an absolute sensory experience that will soothe both your soul & your skin.

Petit Facial
including Eyebrow Shape

This is a fabulous option for those that are slightly time poor, or just needing a quick skin boost.  This treatment includes a nourishing cleanse, eyebrow shape,  gentle enzyme peel, herbal steam & individualised skin mask to ensure your skin gets just what it needs.


50 mins $89

Evoke Introductory Facial

If you are new to Evoke and want to start your skin health journey this is the treatment for you.

You will begin with a skin consultation and analysis to determine your skin condition and concern.  A treatment plan and petit facial will then be customised specifically to you and your skin.  This treatment also includes an eyebrow shape & hand massage.

1hr 30mins $125

Evoke Signature Facial

This incredibly luxurious botanical facial treatment will begin with a double cleanse & eyebrow shape, followed by a gentle enzyme peel to remove any dead skin cells.  We then infuse and hydrate the skin with herbal steam.  After this you will receive a superbly relaxing face, neck & décolletage massage using aromatic oils.  A treatment mask is tailored specifically to your skin using herbal tinctures & is applied to your face & neck, whilst this is working its magic you will be treated to a hand massage.  To finish this sensational experience, we use a floral mist & botanical concentrate before applying moisturiser and sun-protection.

1hr 20mins $129

Revitalising Facial

This is a go to for the treatment of sun damage, premature ageing or mature skin.  You will be treated to a double cleanse & eyebrow shape, then a gentle enzyme peel to soften the skin. A herbal steam will be applied to hydrate & oxygenate your skin.  Concentrates will be used and your face covered in botanical soaked cotton muslin to infuse the powerful plant extracts. A truly nourishing & soothing face, neck & décolletage massage will be performed, finishing with a refreshing soak, concentrates, moisturiser & spf.  Your skin will feel revitalised, rejuvenated & completely re-energised.

1hr 20mins $140

Anti-Oxidant Facial

Environmentally stressed skins - this facial is especially for you.  It consists of a double cleanse, eyebrow shape, botanical skin soak, followed by a deep cleanse enzyme peel.  Your skin is then prepared with botanical mists, specific concentrates and warmed aromatic oil.  Plant extracts are soaked into muslin cloths and gently compressed into your skin under a fragrant herbal steam.  This is followed by a face, neck & décolletage massage using Lavender Facial Aromatic Oil.  Includes hand massage.

1hr 20mins $140

Comprehensive Skin Consultation

This comprehensive skin consultation will include looking into your diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, stress levels, current skin care regime, medical conditions and discussing in detail your desired results.  As a holistic skin health clinic it is paramount to address both internal and external factors, this will enable us to achieve long lasting great skin health.  During this consult we use the OBSERV photographic technology to look beyond the skins surface and photograph what we find, giving in depth evidence and allowing us to accurately track the changes that will occur within your skin.

60mins  $80

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Achieve the skin you dream of

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