Solutions Antioxidant Mist

Solutions Antioxidant Mist


A protective plant-based mist for natural skincare

An antioxidant floral mist with a protective and enlivening effect. Grapeseed extract provides important free-radical protection for skins that are exposed to challenging environments (i.e. pollution, prolonged screen time exposure). Stabilised oxygen helps to oxygenate and enliven skin cells. This premium mist contains a generous botanical bouquet of nurturing and enlivening plant extracts.


How to Use:
  • After skin-soaking, hold the mist bottle 30 cms away from face and pump 2-3 sprays of mist directly to face and neck area.
  • Alternatively, spray 2-3 pumps into the palm of one hand, press hands together, and gently press into face.
  • Immediately follow with a Janesce concentrate/serum, followed by a moisturiser.

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