Solutions Antioxidant Cream

Solutions Antioxidant Cream


This is the ultimate daytime face moisturiser for normal to dry skins. Protective natural waxes seal in moisture, while plant-based hyaluronan draws and preserves moisture in the upper layers of the skin. This cream features grapeseed extract and vitamin C, which provide powerful antioxidant defense against environmental pollutants. High levels of concentrated plant actives provide premium skin support. These include calendula for healing, chamomile and lavender for calming, marshmallow for softening and avocado and carrot seed oil to nourish the skin.


How to Use:
  • Soak skin, apply floral mist and concentrate/serum.

  • Apply one pump of face moisturiser onto fingertips.

  • Immediately massage into damp skin.

  • Follow with Janesce Suncare Lotion (mornings only).